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Sunset Point Minaki is a favorite vacation destination located in Northwest Ontario’s Lake of the Woods District, providing the best of times for outdoor adventurers and sport fishing enthusiasts. Just 35 miles north of Kenora Ontario, Sunset Point Minaki is strategically located on the banks of the Winnipeg River; adjacent to the town of Minaki Ontario. Our large, private, waterfront resort property is surrounded by tall timber, pristine lakes, and is the ideal Holiday Resort location to start your daily adventures. Our five Top Rated modern and comfortable cabins come with all the amenities including fully equipped modern kitchens, satellite TV and Internet as well as boat access, private docks and waterfront views backed by tall timber.

Our Cabins

3 Bedroom

The Barnacle

3 Bedroom

Muskie Manor

2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


What Our Guests Say:

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Igor Landry

Minaki’s Best Fishing Resort

The Winnipeg River Channel at Minaki is the epicentre of some of the best sport fishing in Northwest Ontario. Fishing gear, live bait, boats, motors, repairs, guides, licenses, groceries and sundries are all readily available. And don’t forget to bring your camera gear to capture the moment when you hook your prized Whopper Walleye, Monster Musky or Big Ass Bass.

Each week you will access our updated fishing camp reports & maps showing all the hottest honey holes to drop your line and catch your trophy fish. Our carefully managed lakes are all catch-and-release for trophy size fish so when you come back next summer… you’ll need a bigger net!

For more information on our fisheries go to our Best Fishing page.


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